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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )



What are the advantages of the Pressure Reducing Valves installed at all the Projects?
Water flowing at a rate in excess of what is necessary can be damaging and wasteful, adding to the cost of water and energy in the long run. To prevent such mishaps and achieve normal range of pressure, Rome Corporation divided the total height of the apartment towers into three zones with PRV [Pressure Reducing Valves]. All fittings provided are aerated type with sufficient wall thickness to take care of the pressure of the line when the tap is opened. The fittings are taken after quality testing for a pressure up to 16 bars in their factory


What are the specialties of the Water Treatment Plant installed at RCL Projects?
The installation of the Water Treatment Plant for Iron content removal is costly but considering the contamination of the sub soil and the possible health hazards to the occupants, Rome Corporation has gone ahead by putting up the plant which resolves iron content up to 10ppm. Water from the bore wells is pumped into a Water Treatment Plant which is then transformed into potable water. Using the hydro-pneumatic system, this water is conveyed through a well-laid out pipeline to each of the plots for the use of the residents. Yet another pipeline brings in recycled water for gardening and cleaning purposes thus minimizing wastage of precious drinking water.


What are the specialties of the Sewage Treatment Plant provided at all the Rome Corporation?
Underground sewage has been provided for using high quality material. A Sewage Treatment Plant recycles waste water and makes it available for various purposes other than drinking. SAV I thus works on a model of self-sufficiency and endeavors to be as environmental friendly as possible. The conventional type of Sewage Treatment Plant can only remove BOD <20 and COD<100. But Rome Corporation has provided a plant with modern technology using Fluidized Media Reactor [FMR Technology] from Ion Exchange, the leading group in Bangladesh. The final outlet will be strictly in accordance with Environmental plan and BOD <5 and COD <30. The water can be reused as toilet flushing, gardening, car washing etc


How has the power back-up been provided?
A well-knit power supply network runs throughout the entire project catering to all electricity needs of the community. We have provided AMF panel for automatic change over to DG incase of power failure. The electrical system is backed up with 200 KVA Gen set. We will give you 1000watts back up to each apartment and for all other common amenities. All villas will be provided with individual inverter back ups. The DG system back up is given for all essential supplies. In case the mechanical system of pump fails, we have given a 2” down pipe directly from the OH tank and hence the system gives ZERO % risk to the user. The emergency line will be in use once in a blue moon and to avoid the scale and silt formed in the line an initial flushing arrangement is provided


Can NRBs hold/acquire residential/commercial properties in Bangladesh?
Yes. NRBs have been legally supported to acquire and continue further dealings with any form of immovable property in Bangladesh.


How can an NRB pay for the property he buys in Bangladesh?
Payment modes can either be foreign exchange inward remittances via normal banking channels or out of funds from NRE/FCNR accounts maintained with banks within Bangladesh.


Can NRBs purchase property through power of attorney?
Purchase formalities may be done by filing the Power of Attorney in favour of their reliable relatives residing in Bangladesh at the time of purchase. This must be executed on a valid stamp paper bought in Bangladesh and in the witness of proper authority


Does law restrict to rent out such an immovable property?
No. However, the income thus generated shall not be remitted outside Bangladesh; instead as to be credited to the ordinary non-resident rupee account of the owner of the property in Bangladesh.


Will Bangladeshi companies provide loans to their NRB employee?
Yes. For this the employee who is designated outside Bangladesh should hold a valid Bangladesh passport.


What is the loan amount a single buyer can avail?
About 85% of the consideration value of the home you are intending to buy or build is allowed as the loan amount.


Can the term of loan repayment be wavered?
Yes. You can pick your comfort limits; choose a time span of 15 years or your retirement age, whichever is earlier.


How can you apply for a home loan?
Approach a financial institution for a loan application form. Adhere to the guidelines while filling in the form and do submit relevant documents with the processing fees. The bank might ask for a Co-lateral security. You will be intimated with a sanction letter, in case if your request has been approved