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The multi-faceted Rome Group is one of the leading and fastest growing business houses in Bangladesh. Spearheaded by a team of enterprising businessmen in Bangladesh, Dubai and the Saudia Arabia, the Group is engaged in diverse business sectors such as Real Estate, Project Management & Consultancy, Tourism, Hospitality, International Trade, Lifescience, Infrastructure, Energy solutions and Education. Headquartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh the Group directly employs close to 450 professionals in Bangladesh and enjoys a wide network of operations in the country. ROME Group also has a strong presence in UK, USA, Middle East, Europe, Sri Lanka & other Asian countries with innumerable associates across the globe. Within the last five years of its operation, the Group has witnessed substantial growth in all areas of business operation and has recorded an aggregate annual turnover of BDT 250 Crore within a short span. Rome Group's well-earned reputation is based on time-tested corporate values, which includes strong adherence to ethical codes of business, social consciousness and responsibility, commitment, integrity and fair relations with both customers and employees.